Aiya Asian Cuisine Now Open: A First Look

Aiya opened its doors after over a year of anticipation by passersby. We snuck in today for a first glimpse.  

 Everyone knows this building has undergone a MASSIVE overhaul over the last months, to say the least.


The inside is very welcoming. Staff and owners willing to help and mention several times to please speak up if there is any need for improvement in any way. It’s good to see that kind of interest in an owner.


For this first glimpse, an order of Crab Rangoon and General Tso’s Chicken were ordered.

The sauces shown with the Crab Rangoon are a traditional Hot Mustard Sauce and a light Lemon Sweet & Sour Sauce. I like mixing the two for a sweet and spicy punch.  The Rangoon were perfectly fried, and super-stuffed with cream cheese filling.


The General Tso’s Chicken came with fried rice and a Cantonese Spring Roll. The chicken was cooked well and the sauce was flavorful. I cut up the peppers into bite-sized pieces and it brought the spice level up to the notch I was expecting in the sauce.


Overall, I think Aiya is off to a solid start. Definitely a notch above any other Asian restaurants in that part of Frisco. Check it out and let us know what you think!

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