Super Chix Now Open in Frisco

Super Chix opened their newest location in Frisco this June, bringing fried and grilled chicken, fresh fries, and custard to the table, in a kiddo-friendly atmosphere with a sprawling patio and small play area.

I know you’re thinking, “more chicken?”, but bear with me. Super Chix is seriously elevating the fast casual chicken game.

The restaurant has their veggies delivered every single day. They slice them up by hand. That’s right, no frozen or pre-cut ingredients allowed.

The pickles have been brined in house for 38 days, and involve no corn syrup or preservatives. Try them fried as a side or as a perfect crunch on one of their sandwiches.

Super Chix has a few different options in the sandwich game. From a classic fried chicken sandwich to their new grilled options like the bacon ranch avocado handheld, there’s now even a vegetarian option. The Crispy Avocado is stuffed with Gouda Cheese, and I can’t wait to get my hands on that one. The sandwiches all come served on a butter-toasted potato bun, and the fried chicken filets are all breaded by hand, as it should be.

Grilled Chicken and Avocado Sandwich (Photo by Delia Jo Ramsey)
Bacon, Ranch & Avocado + Grilled Chicken Sandwich (Photo by Delia Jo Ramsey)

And now… the fries, y’all. Choose from regular salt, signature sweet, or rosemary black pepper seasoned. Eat them hot and fresh, and in your dipping sauce of choice. I’m always a fan of getting ALL THE SAUCES, so I love the choices at SC: Nashville Hot sauce, they have Alabama White sauce, Mississippi Comeback Sauce, and Cucumber Dill Ranch.

Chicken Tender + ALL THE SAUCES (Photo by Delia Jo Ramsey)

I’m seriously loving all the local restaurants supporting different soda companies. Stubborn Soda is one of my newest favorites.
My personal favorite Stubborn Soda is the Black Cherry with Tarragon. The great thing about Stubborn is they’re fair trade certified, and use no artificial sweeteners or high fructose corn syrup, and they do use all natural flavors.

Stubborn Soda on tap (photo by Delia Jo Ramsey)

You’ll want to save room for the custard here. It’s flavored with their own Super Chix Vanilla Blend, a combo of Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans and Indonesian Vanilla Beans. They also feature rotating weekly flavors, like the Nutter Butter we absolutely couldn’t refuse on our visit.

Nutter. Butter. Custard. (Photo by Delia Jo Ramsey)

Visit Super Chix Frisco soon and see what everyone has been cluckin’ about!

Exterior of Frisco Super Chix (Photo by Delia Jo Ramsey)
Interior (Photo by Delia Jo Ramsey)
Kids play area on the patio (Photo by Delia Jo Ramsey)
Loving the large patio (Photo by Delia Jo Ramsey)

Super Chix Frisco
9169 Dallas Pkwy #100
Frisco, TX 75034
Hours: 11AM–10PM

National Burger Day- Frisco Edition

‘Tis #NationalHamburgerDay, so we will share our top 3 places to sink your teeth into a burger in Frisco. After agonizing over around 20 places that serve burgers around town, we reveal to you our list of the best of the best in Frisco hambugers:

1) Ace’s Ice House & Chop Shop​’s Big Block Angus Burger, topped with their signature venison chili and cheese. The seasoning of their Texas Angus Beef patty instantly brought their burger to the top of my list.

2) Kenny’s Burger Joint​ makes this list because Kenny Bowers does a killer job at each genre of food represented in his Dallas area restaurant empire. Their burger venture is no different. My favorite burger here requires a knife and fork. It gets a little messy. Smothered in queso, topped with sauteed onions and jalapenos, Bud’s Queso Burger has my heart.

3) Smashburger​ -Okay I know it’s a chain, but sometimes I get a major craving for their Spicy Jalapeno Baja, BBQ Bacon Cheddar, and the Truffle Mushroom Swiss Burger. The way they smash the patties, creating a juicy and fresh taste makes it a solid contender, regardless of being a chain. Plus..Smashfries and a PBJ milkshake.

4)Three Squares-The Three Squares Burger is a good, solid, burger. A half pound burger with housemade pork hash, cheddar, and a sunny side up egg, with lettuce, tomato, and herb mayo on a brioche bun ,the signature menu item is always a good choice.  Wash them down with some WTF fries and you’re good to go!

Is there a burger somewhere obscure you think we should try? Leave suggestions below in the comments…